About us.

Welcome to the web page of Consolidation Services SIA.
We are a fast-growing company, full of enthusiasm and ready to solve any problem. We are ready to elaborate the most optimal delivery route within the prescribed time and provide stable partner relationships.

The staff of the "Consolidation Services SIA" is formed of experienced experts in the field of freight transportation by using road and sea freight services and they are able to find the right solution for the problem.

Enterprise values

The most important thing for us is every piece of freight we transport and also seeing and understanding the individual requirements of each client.

Mission of the Enterprise

You earn - we carry!


Our company offers favourable collaboration conditions for agents and consolidators. We offer various methods of discount and bonus/rewards programs.

If you are interested in a reliable shipping logistics service provider, we will be glad to collaborate with you and we are ready to consider any of your proposals.

Railway freight.

Railway freight services is a reliable, cheap and safe way of freight transportation. On condition that the client's warehouse is located near a railway station, this type of freight services becomes even more essential.

Advantages of the railway freight service - low cost of transportation, independence of the railway from climate conditions, a possibility to transport large volumes of freight to far distances.

Our goal is to deliver freight in due time and with minimal costs thus providing effectiveness of our clients' business.

Worldwide shipping services.
Ocean Cargo.

Sea freight services are the most effective, respectively cheap and popular ways of freight delivery. Owing to the high lifting and turnover capacity vessels allow significantly decrease expenses providing at the same time a reliable way of freight transportation.

Taking care about your freight, we recommend you choosing a partner after a careful consideration and who is able to elaborate the most appropriate logistic model for you, thus assuring the quality and reliability of the services offered.

Having deliberately chosen the freight transportation company you will significantly decrease expenses at optimal freight delivery speed, and our eager and enthusiastic employees will offer you unique solutions and answer any of your questions.

Road Freight.

Road freight services are the essential part in the relationships between the manufacturer and the end-user in any type of business, commerce or production.

The main advantage of the road freight services is the possibility to provide the "door-to-door" delivery that significantly decreases risks and expenses.

Taking into account the specific features of the road freight services and correctly using the advantages thereof, a well-prepared expert will help provide security and delivery of the freight to the recipient.

Customs Services.

Our company offers a full range of customs services by organising "door-to-door" freight delivery - transit through Latvia, handling of customs formalities.

According to the permit issued by the SRS of the Republic of Latvia, the enterprise is able to perform customs paperwork. Customs services are provided on the basis of the agreement, concluded between the company and the client, thus Consolidation Services assures payment of all the necessary state taxes.

Experienced experts of the company will help and operatively solve any issue connected with freight import into the European Union, as well as perform all the formalities connected with freight export from the European Union and also fill in all the documents for freight transportation. In order to simplify the procedure of performing customs formalities and to release clients from problems connected with proper filling of the documents, Consolidation Services offer the following services:

  • representation of our clients in Customs institutions, by declaring importing, exporting and transit procedures;
  • declaration of the received and sent freights;
  • calculation of taxes;
  • broker's services when paying taxes;
  • consultations on customs issues.
Warehouse Services.

We offer our clients an excellent opportunity to optimize own warehouse costs. You will not need to keep a team of warehouse workers and experts - we will take care about it!

We will be glad to offer you:

  • roofed / open storage
  • packing / repacking of goods
  • goods labelling / packing labelling
  • cargo handling operations
  • transshipment and weighing
  • guarded warehouse
  • utilization of packing materials
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